Dear Larsen Equipment Team,

I wanted to thank you personally for providing the best in service and innovative manufacturing equipment. Through my transitions from contact lens to corneal inlay and IOL manufacturing you have made my life easier. Having equipment that withstands the test of time and is constantly updated to meet my demands and that of the industry has been a great asset for me. Thank you for all your hard work and support for over 20 years.  –  Troy Miller, VP Operations ~ AccuLens, Inc.

Larsen Equipment Design has been my source for production equipment and supplies since 1987. A very knowledgeable and supportive resource for process analysis and solutions for GP contact lens polishing and blocking systems. We’ve had a great relationship over the many years we’ve been doing business together and am very comfortable reaching out to them for any of my related manufacturing needs.  –  Greg Goodhart ~ ABB/Concise

Thanks Eric for meeting my Equipment needs but also for your advice and help my manufacturing process. Your expertise in analyzing a quality process is so helpful.  –  Ken ~ Quality Contact Lens

Honestly, most of the Equipment and Processes required to be a top tier lens manufacturing lab today have come from Larsen Equipment Design. The “go to” guys in this industry!  –  Simon Alderson – Mark Ennovy

I have had the opportunity to work with Larsen Equipment for over 20 years. I have purchased several pieces of Larsen Equipment and all of them have been high quality and made our lab more productive. Even more important, the service levels at Larsen Equipment are exceptional. I have always been able to resolve any maintenance issues on a very timely basis. I highly recommend Larsen Equipment and their support staff.  –  Al Vaske, President ~ Lens Dynamics, Inc. Denver, Colorado

If it must be highly accurate and easy to use, Larsen equipment is the right partner. In my production of individual lenses, I use every day for the Blocker many hundreds of RGP and soft lenses. I thank Erik and his team for the high quality and quick support.  –  M’hamed Bouhlal ~ Lens4Me, Switzerland

Larsen equipment design through the years have also been innovative, from new equipment design to improving on current equipment. Integrated polishers have completely changed the way lenses are polished today for reduced cycle times. Through the years the company has always been helpful on trouble shooting problems when and if they occur.  –  Dave ~ Art Optical

Larsen Equipment has helped transform our lab from a small operation into a large scale manufacturer. Their equipment cuts down our production time while increasing our efficiency and output. Their staff is very knowledgeable and great to work with. They are a leader in the business!  –  Jarrett Halsey ~ Essilor

We have been working with Erik and his team for many years now. They have always been very professional and responsive to our needs. It’s one supplier we can count on to make our business progress!  –  Jean Blanchard

The team at Larsen Equipment Design has supported Opco Laboratory for over 17 years with both custom and standard optical equipment. We simply tell Erik what our machine needs are and he quickly responds with a solution.  Larsen Equipment Design has made it possible for us to qualify as a unique optical component manufacture to several OEM’s and markets.  –  David Maldari ~  President Opco Laboratory Inc.

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