Q and A

Q “How has the consolidation of the industry affected your business?”

A In the US, I have seen that happening since the early ’90’s. Interestingly, most of the labs that were purchased had our equipment. I wonder if that was a selling point. Through the ’90’s most of the purchased labs were kept open, so we continued to support and up-grade the machinery. I see that as a testament to the original designs and utility of our products. Early in the next decade, many of these labs were closed and the equipment moved to a central facility to be put into production. So, again we continued to support and up-grade them. Over all, our company continues to grow with about 90% of our revenue coming from CL and IOL’s. We enjoy close business relationships with labs and have a quality group of distributors and agents around the world. Our agents and distributors understand the need for good communication between us and the users to ensure that the labs get the best performance form our products and services.

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