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Larsen Equipment Design has developed the finest line of lens manufacturing equipment in the industry for over 30 years. Our combined focus on equipment and processes make us uniquely qualified to offer equipment solutions as well as process consultation. If you are intent on improving your bottom line through better production processes, there is no better resource than Larsen Equipment Design.

Larsen Equipment Design is an associate member of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association and a proud supporter of the GP Lens Institute. GPLI’s new patient education website provides information on the benefits of contact lenses including articles about presbyopia, lens-free daytime wear with orthokeratology, correction options for astigmatism and much more. The site can also help consumers to find an eye doctor.

Over all, our company continues to grow with about 90% of our revenue coming from CL and IOL’s. We enjoy close business relationships with labs and have a quality group of distributors and agents around the world. Our agents and distributors understand the need for good communication between us and the users to ensure that the labs get the best performance from our products and services. Precision Industrial Optics makes up about 6-8% of our business and local machining completes the mix. The local work consists of marine and high end custom architectural hardware.

We support the specialty GP manufacturers with the tooling and methods they need to provide superior products to their customers and the highest possible quality of vision to their patients.

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