ARP-131 Grinder Polisher

For Lenses up to 3 Inches in Diameter.

The ARP-131 is the newest addition to the ARP family of polishers. This machine scales up the working envelope and the necessary torque requirements on our previous machines. The radial arc oscillation and the counter-rotating top spindle offer an efficient approach to polishing one-up steep curve lenses. For lenses up to 3″(76mm) diameter and up to 4″(102mm) radius, this polisher provides a bench top solution to polishing steep curve optics. Our classic stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction gives this polisher the strength and durability to provide years of repeatable results. The innovative air pressure down-force system gives the process designer many polishing force options without any tooling change. The individual controls for oscillation speed, upper spindle speed, lower spindle speed, stroke length, and stroke position, make setup easy, and allow the ability to polish a multitude of different lens designs. The counter-rotating top spindle gives the ARP-131 the ability to shorten cycle times and increase throughput. Customization to fit specific process needs is always available The ARP-131 is the solution to your steep curve polishing problems.


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