One Spindle Bladder Polisher

Larsen IPT Technology Meets the Demand for Precision Concave Surface Polishing

The addition of our new Integrated Polishing Technology (I.P.T.), makes the ARP-102-CR an over achieving, hands off, single tool polisher ideal for concave surfaces and the demands of toric and other non-spherical lens polishing. This innovative system, combines a specialized polishing lap, and lens guiding chuck to completely polish a concave lens surface from center to edge. It maintains excellent optics and provides controlled peripheral blends. Contact lens lab testing verifies high precision results from our one tool system. Not one tool per lens design, just one tool and one machine for all lenses.

• Spherical (5 mm to 11 mm radius) • Spherical multicurve
• Spherical with one to many peripheral curves • Aspheric
• Aspheric with aspheric periphery • Spherical with aspheric periphery
• Conical • Reverse geometry • Rotationally non-symmetric • Toric • Multifocal

Power ……. 110 or 220 VAC

Please See our Video Library for various training demonstrations (On the main menu under Library)

YouTube Videos
ARP-102-Video One     ARP-102-Video 2     ARP-102-Video 3    ARP-102-Video 4

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